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RJD's game ruling discussion, demerged from sticky for clarity

As some of our long-time Posters may remember, it was decided a while ago that Game Threads are something that is more appropriate to the lounges than Misc. After all, Misc is all about discussion of topics ranging from "How Do Robot Monkeys Fly?" to "Do We Really Need A President, Anyway?" Serious business!

Nevertheless, several of those "Hurt/Heal" Games have turned up in the past couple of weeks and fun has been had by all who participated, so we've let them go. But we also don't want game Threads to proliferate and take over the Forum; so, in the interests of providing a good example to our presidential candidates (and do we really need a president, anyway?), I have proposed a Compromise.

From now on, we can have two concurrently running Game Threads. When one runs its course, a new game can begin (so, please, no open-ended game concepts like "Ban The Poster To Your Right"). After all, a little fun never hurt anybody. Much.

And if Misc loses the "TrekBBS Hurt/Heal" Game, I'll close all the Threads and Warn everybody. Just so you know.
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