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Re: WARP derived from known physics

You clearly put a lot of thought into this, but you've wandered a bit afield from known physics
Its incumbent upon you to be a little more specific than that. In fact,
All of this is derived from physics to the best of my ability. If you have a question or issue with a given axiom, why don't you ask a real question?

and from the "warp" concept.
The canon warp concept will never work.

For actual warp theories derived from General Relativity, look here:
interesting, but I'm mixing in a lot more than General Relativity.
Sorry, prometheuspan, but that's gibberish, not "known physics."
No, its not gibberish. Its also not known physics, its extrapolated from known physics.
failure to understand something doesn not mean its gibberish, it means you don't understand the sense it makes.

Well, it's a list of axioms. Or what in science is also known as fiction.
I think its fair to call it speculation, but not fiction, since no claims have been made. Fiction would be if
i cast this as a presentation or document made by a fictional person inside of a fictional universe to some other person.

Axioms by definition are baseless claims, to be given future credibility by inference from outside evidence, experiments and so forth. Sometimes a structure of seeming coherence can be formed out of a big heap of axioms that don't contradict each other and in some cases even support each other, but that merely results in one giant axiom which remains as baseless as ever until connected to actual research.
Axioms by definition are supposed to be self evident truths. You can't have "one giant" axiom because an axiom by definition is a single idea. Axioms together form paradigms. You can thus call this a speculative paradigm. Its
impossible to do research until we get far enough away from the earth to not endanger it. Till then, its more meaningful to speculate realistically than it is to subscribe to "canon."

In that sense, PrometheusPan is brutally honest: it's all pure speculation, not connected to reality by any demonstrated means, and the terminology spells this out.
This is true, I don't put my "work on the chalkboard" I just offer my results.
Its not an attempt to demonstrate, the idea is to start a conversation, preferably one where people ask questions
or seek clarificiation or ask for the relevant science ideas to a given axiom.

I hope that people can see this in the spirit it was posted, and that we can have a nice conversation over it, rather than just shooting me down because its easier to do than think about it.
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