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Re: Avengers movie: Desperate Wasp?

Spider-Woman moved to Mighty Avengers months ago, and it's no secret that that isn't even Spider-Woman anyway.

Jessica was fabulous in Alias, even if she thinks you can get impregnated via sodomy, but she'd been relegated to being a house frau for a Skrull-ling... So She's hardly much impressive any more even though it was only a year ago that she was scaring the poop out of Norman Osborn... And when Wolverine was hitting on her? "Stop it?" - "Why?" - "My Boyfriend will kick you ass." - "Is that so? really? reee-ally? What's his name?" - "Luke Cage." - "O. UM. Yeah, he probably would."

I completely forgot about Echo!

Echo is the new front runner in my mind now. That's totally eva.

Though in my defence, Echo often pretends she has a sausage.

It's been a week.

Surely there should be some counter spin to tell us that a friend from her school days just works there or something?

I'm going to google myself silly.
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