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Re: Wolverine and the X-Men episode 2 *spoilers*

I haven't seen full episodes of the first two yet because I forgot this was suppossed to come out but what I did see of the partial episodes I liked quite a bit. Was a little put off at first with this seeming to be a Wolverine centric project but they've made it intriguing by scattering the X-Men and working around a mysterious battle that occured off screen and that has divided the X-Men and caused obvious emotional turmoil between some of them. I'm looking forward to seeing more and to see if we will learn about where Charles and Jean are, the promos from months ago showed Professor Xavier in some kind of exo-skeleton upgrade enabling him to walk again. The costume designs seem like a cross between John Cassiday's designs from Astonishing X-Men and Alex Ross's abandoned X-Men proposal from a few years ago. Especially the Wolverine outfit and the Rouge cloak...
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