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Orci: 'Star Trek XI' Almost Done

Star Trek XI Co-writer Roberto Orci announced that Star Trek XI is close to being completed and that it should appeal to all fans, old and new.

As reported by Sci Fi Wire, Orci injected a bit of humor with his announcement. "[We're] so close to being done, and we've almost...finished the bomb shelter where we're going to hide the movie," he said.

Star Trek XI is meant to appeal to both long-term fans and newcomers to the franchise. "Fans can expect to see that the people who made this movie knew their 'Star Trek'," said Orci, "and if they've been a fan of 'Star Trek,' they're going to see things that pay off for them in a way that will not pay off for a general audience."

Newcomers to Star Trek won't feel left out by the lack of knowledge of what went before according to Orci. "A general audience is going to see a totally different movie," said Orci. "A general audience is going to see a movie of how these historic characters met and how they all came together. If you're a fan, it's a re-introduction to 'Star Trek,' and if you're not, it's an introduction. And the idea of sort of doing two movies in one is tricky, because you don't want to somehow dilute it, but again, since this is not a story that's ever been covered in the Trek canon, in terms of the film or the series, it's an old and a new story."

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