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I'll have to disagree on "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down". I re-watched it yesterday and find that it's far more like a 'comedy' episode in parts.

For example, the confrontation between Roslin and Adama over the fact that she thinks he's a Cylon isn't played like the usual drama but exaggerated for laughs. That's certainly how I perceived it.

There's a good reference to this scene in Jammer's review of the episode, I think:

"Up to now the episode is a muddled mix of suspicion and drunken behavior. The episode's definitive breakdown comes with the "payoff" scene in the lab, where Baltar is asked to first run a Cylon test on Adama (Roslin's request) and then on Ellen (Adama's request), and then all the threads crash into each other with everyone arriving in the lab and arguing. The scene is played as screwball comedy, but that's a miscalculation. There's simply nothing funny about the idea that these people are suspecting each other of being Cylons. Going to such a place should be sad, or scary, or painful, or insulting -- anything, really, but funny. This proves to be a very odd -- and unworkable -- choice. The characters -- especially Roslin after airing suspicions about Adama, of all people -- back away from and are let off the hook of their paranoia far too easily."
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