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Re: Spider-Man 4 &5 to get underway with Sam and Tobey signed?!?

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I've long heard that Raimi was supposedly "strong armed" into including Venom and if true it just doesn't change anything.

I don't care if Venom was forced upon him...if he can't come up with a better introduction to the character than through a meteorite that just happens to contain a deadly alien creature that just happens to land right next to the main protagonist, then come on...that's not even B-movie level plotting. I can accept plot contrivances in films, but there's just no excuse for that crap.

That's just one example. Look at all the other things...oh-so convenient (and ultra-cliched) memory loss...embarrassingly EMO Parker...incessantly crying Parker...all-knowing Butler who comes out of goes on and on.

Does he deserve all the blame for this fiasco? Probably not...but it's still his responsibility to deliver a quality product. I mean, the guy directed this film and wrote at least a big chunk of it, and surely that has to count for something.
When you're told to do something by the people who sign your paycheck, you do as your told lest you not eat. Therefore, he worked with what he had as best he could. Hopefully, SONY learned from this and will allow him to make 4 & 5 better than 3 was.
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