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Humor in BSG!?Yes there were some funny moments way back in season one but finding humor in bsg is like finding water in a desert. For the most part their is none and the show is dull as dishwater. I loved the writing in season one but find the recent attempts at humor to be corny and pathetic, perhaps its a show only manic depressives can enjoy.
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I don't think any of these examples of dialogue is more than usual banter between soldiers. I'm a BSG fan but I have to say the laughs are non-existent. It's one of the big problems with the show. The best war movies have moments of (usually gallows) humour that make you laugh out loud but I don't recall any moment like that in any ep of BSG. The scripted exceptions of Madame President having one of her borderline hysteria moments with Adama seem geared to make the viewer slightly uneasy, I always think.
As a general rule, humor is, by its very nature, subjective. This is particularly true of the humor on BSG. Because of the series' nature, it doesn't lend itself to what might be thought of as 'typical' humor, but there are things about the series that can be seen as being humorous. The dialogue that myself and others referenced, although not intended to be humorous, can be seen as humorous because of the way it's delivered.
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