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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Question is; if you were Nigel Clough would you really want the pressure that would come with managing either Derby of forest? However good a manager he is/becomes he isn't likely to be able to replicate anything near the successes his father achieved with clubs our size. Leicester's only hope of getting on the footballing map would have been to hang onto Martin O'Neil. As for Earnshaw, yeah I feel he should have got more of a try last season. Dunno what his problem is (heard many different rumours) but for Billy D, Paul Jewell and Toshack to all basically ignore him must mean something. He will score goals at championship level though- so I expect he'll score against us come November (luckily Commons' hat trick will more than compensate )
I tend to agree. Young Nigel's got it pretty sweet at Burton. That particular challenge allows him to enjoy both the professional side and the family side in a healthily balanced manner. He probably wouldn't have that at a league club, particularly in the higher echelons. I know that when the Derby job and Forest job have come up in the past he's never gone out of his way to be linked with them, and I'm sure on occasion he's stated a preference that he didn't want them (at least not at the time). Sounds to me like someone who knows exactly where there personal priorities lie and doesn't want to sacrifice certain things. Fair play to him IMO.

Would I want him at Derby? Honestly, joking aside, don't really know. Don't really care that he played for Forest, it would be the experience that would put me off initially I think. Let's be fair, if we were looking for another manager, would we be happy at being linked with any other non-league manager? I'd wager not. Obviously decent managers can work their way up the ranks though, didn't Martin O'Neil start with Wycombe in the conference?

Re Earnshaw, I think you're spot-on. Personally, I think he's got bags of talent, and will undoubtedly score goals in the CCC, but the fact that PJ, BD and JT have all had concerns over him, to me, says there's something wrong somewhere.

I've heard that we'll be looking to showboat against Forest in November. PJ's apparently said that he'll be recalling Camara to play at LB and with Teale now back at PPS, he'll line up on the right wing. We're just looking into special dispensation to bring Eddie Lewis back for one game on the left wing and we're all sorted. Effectively we'd be playing with 8 men, but that's probably still more than enough to beat the red dogs!
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