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Re: Borg or Dominion??

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Hi, Newbie here- is anyone reading the DS9 relaunch in novel-forum?
Sorry if this has been brought up...


In one of the Mission Gamma novels, it was discovered that the Borg did indeed entre the Gamma Quadrant, and I believe a single dominion ship took them on. It did heavy damage to the Borg right away, so they were cut off from the collective. Both ships ended up destroyed in the end- crashing into a planet, no ramming, from battle damage. But it would appear that the Dominion would win, if they only need one ship to win. Plus the strength of the Jem'hadar- with bladed weapons the Borg can't adapt to- and if the Dominion got wind of the metal/chemical projectile weapons the federation is working on... then maybe the Borg can be eliminated. There is ref. to the Borg in the relaunch Sect. 31 novel, which also rocked.
I dunno if I would count non-televised material as part of this debate, because there's no consistency whatsoever. For one thing, we've seen the damage output of most Dominion ship classes, and if one ship can stalemate a Borg Cube, then the Alpha Quadrant would've been lost LONG ago.
I'm pretty sure that it was not a Borg Cube but a Borg scout ship that clashed with the Dominion vessel in the Mission Gamma book...actually just looked it up, it was an assimilated Federation ship, USS Valkyrie, Paladin class. Its crew complement is given as 30, so you'd think it was only around the size of the Defiant class. So consistency isn't an issue here.

Pretty sure in the novel they also specifically states or shows that a Founder cannot be assimilated as the crew of the Defiant who find the two wrecked ships rescue a Founder who was stuck on the planet.
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