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What about Guinan?

Wouldn't it have been awesome if instead of Neelix manning the mess hall we got Guinan instead? It would have been easy to shoe horn her into the pilot episode. Say Voyager needed to drop her off somewhere after the Badlands mission.

Some pros to having Guinan on board:

1. She totes a mean looking phaser rifle behind the bar. That surely would have come in handy during one of Voyager's numerous enemy takeovers.
2. She's a good listener. Voyager needed a counselor, Guinan would have slipped into that role easily.
3. We could have maybe made it to her homeworld, or ran into some other survivors from the Borg assault on her planet. Would make for some good story telling.
4. We could have gotten some more on the Q / Guinan animosity.
4 1/2. She's a bartender!
5. Did I mention the mean looking phaser rifle?

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