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Re: Avengers movie: Desperate Wasp?

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Too many characters; just balancing four or five will be hard enough.
I don't know. That Ultimate Avengers cartoon did a decent enough job balancing them out.
Assuming this all goes to plan, the film will have the stars of four or five (hopefully) success motion pictures teaming up, and that's before you get to supporting characters, villains, etc. Balancing how much time RDJ gets vs Norton, and the guys playing the three other big heroes, will be hard enough (particularly since it looks like this film will get stuck doing the "introduce Captain America to our world" story, which, to do properly, would require a considerable investment of time). I was a bit surprised they seemingly aren't going for the token woman (Black Widow would be the most likely, I think; a sexy Russian spy is easy to work in, compared with the redundant (and, since the Ant-Man is Lang, adrift) Wasp and the nonsensically-powered (and similarly backstory-adrift) Scarlet Witch).
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