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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

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Trys and Konya - She's a mouthy, energetic neurotic whose brain appears to be overactive to the point of bursting out of her skull. He's a bit calmer, quieter and centred. They seem too opposite to me to work. I could see her finding him a bit dull.
Go back and re-read the description about the advantages of being intimate with someone who can psionically sense your body's responses. Trust me, she doesn't find him dull.

Choudhury - I agree with much of what you've said there, my fear with her is that would be that her desire not to shoot has the potential to cause her to be hestiant at the wrong time.
She's far too disciplined for that. And as she told Worf, she's long since accepted what Krishna taught Arjun in the Bhagavad Gita, about the appropriateness of using necessary force so long as it's done without malice or personal gain. She's trained her mind for decades and is able to detach herself from her actions and simply act, as both her philosophy and her security training demand.

But Jasminder went through hell in the Dominion War (although I left it to later writers to explore the specifics if they wished), and even someone as mentally balanced and serene as she is would still inevitably be scarred by such a thing. The events of the battle brought back memories of that trauma, and though she's too disciplined to let it affect her in the heat of the moment, she's still human and had to deal with those emotions after the fact.

After all, without that vulnerability, she would've been entirely too perfect, don't you think?

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Is it simply just coincidence that Borg cubes start invading the Alpha Quadrant a few months after the destruction of the Frankenstein?
It might be mere coincidence … or maybe it was — wait for it…


Sorry, couldn't resist.
I see it more as cosmic irony.
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