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Re: Spider-Man 4 &5 to get underway with Sam and Tobey signed?!?

I've long heard that Raimi was supposedly "strong armed" into including Venom and if true it just doesn't change anything.

I don't care if Venom was forced upon him...if he can't come up with a better introduction to the character than through a meteorite that just happens to contain a deadly alien creature that just happens to land right next to the main protagonist, then come on...that's not even B-movie level plotting. I can accept plot contrivances in films, but there's just no excuse for that crap.

That's just one example. Look at all the other things...oh-so convenient (and ultra-cliched) memory loss...embarrassingly EMO Parker...incessantly crying Parker...all-knowing Butler who comes out of goes on and on.

Does he deserve all the blame for this fiasco? Probably not...but it's still his responsibility to deliver a quality product. I mean, the guy directed this film and wrote at least a big chunk of it, and surely that has to count for something.

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