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Re: Dollhouse in Trouble?

Frankly, RoboHos also sounds boring. They have sex, so what? It's broadcast TV, so they can't show anything. If I wanted to watch porn, I'd watch porn. I really don't think heavily censored sex will sell, given the available competition.

I'd much rather have some really interesting sci-fi drama with fascinating characters who are trying to do something with their lives - even if it's only to find themselves - that we can root for. They can have sex when the story needs that, they can play video games or go to the mall or eat a burger or anything else for that matter. You can't build a story around any of that.
And, sight unseen, I'd guess that Fox executives who think there are major problems with Prison Break are right.

Prison Break
's flaw is that it had a great one-season premise, and no plan for doing anything to extend the story well. They had a second-season plan for everyone being on the run, but that was a major let-down. Since then, they've been completely flailing.

There are many premises that can last for several seasons or even indefinitely; the fact that PB doesn't have one of them doesn't mean Dollhouse can't.
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