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Re: Avengers movie: Desperate Wasp?

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I could see it maybe. As long as they don't make Pym a wife-beater douchebag I'll be happy.
No, no. You take that away form Pym and he's completely unremarkable.

Screw redemption by the way, just keep the persecution flowing for the next 200 years and then we'll think up some more ways to screw over the character.

He's just too blonde. You know what i'm talking about.

Other female avengers than the wasp and Scarlet Witch?

The Blackwidow (Not ver Russiany, but the character is easy to use and excellent to look at.)

Jocasta (Who has the Wasps voice)

Moondragon (Shave her hair off!)

Ms Marvel. (Ridiculously not blonde enough.)

She Hulk (Too Short)

Captain Marvel ( Not Black.)

Spider-Woman (OOOOOO! Now we're talking!)

Mocking Bird (No chance unless Hawkeye is there.)

Sersi (No chance)

Crystal (no Chance)

Ripclaw (No chance.)

SilverClaw (No chance.)

they would have given her new comics. So, failin gthe wasp, it's either black widow or Spider-Woman whose rights would be in the toilet because of that cartoon in the 80s, but then the Scarlet Witch wa in the marvel action hour inthe 90s...


Jessica Jones?
Your mind just goes a mile a minute don't it?

Black Widow would be good, as she's a Original Marvel. But Wasp and Scarlet Witch are the main stays, the original leading ladies. Anyone else is a wannabe.

The lineup should be the classic lineup:

Cap(Mark Valley, Brad Pitt or Matt Damon)
The Hulk(Ed Norton)
Iron Man(RDJ)
Thor(that big dude from The 13th Warrior or Triple H)
GIANT-MAN not Ant-Man yet
Scarlet Witch
The Wasp
Bring in Vision later

No Spider-Woman or Ms. Marvel. I want nothing to do with Bendis. And no Wanda/Pietro incest. I want nothing to do with Millar.
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