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Re: Avengers movie: Desperate Wasp?

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You know, they're making a Captain America movie too.

And a Thor movie.

Maybe she's Sharon Carter or Sif?
Sharon's race isn't particularly important (though given they seem to be doing all-WWII with Cap's film, Sharon wouldn't be in it; that's one of my problems with the all-WWII approach, since most of Cap's interesting supporting characters aren't there), but Sif's a Nordic goddess, so I doubt Longoria would be doing that.
These are good points, I was just trying to point out that just because ONE of the comics was an Avengers mag doesn't mean she's playing an Avenger.
Cap was "dating" Sharon's Older sister(retcon = Aunty) "Peggy" in World War II. When they met up again after his big chill, Peggy didn't think the age gap was insurmountable, she wanted to continue but Steve traded her in for her little sister/niece. Peggy became techsupport/receptionist at Avengers Compound for a while. How Woody Allen of him.

Joey in Friends, in that space play said he was going to look up his girlfriends great great grand daughter when he got back.


Ms Marvel kicks ass, but she should really adopt the name captain Marvel like she did in the House of M if she wants to be taken serious.
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