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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

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Trys and Konya - She's a mouthy, energetic neurotic whose brain appears to be overactive to the point of bursting out of her skull. He's a bit calmer, quieter and centred. They seem too opposite to me to work. I could see her finding him a bit dull.
See, I thought that made the attraction more realistic. Fiction (and indeed, life) is full of examples of someone who's a bit wild at heart finding that someone who's calmer and quieter can help the "wild" person to center him- or herself. I can especially see that in someone like Trys (who, for the record, I found delightful for all her faults, or even because of them).

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Is it simply just coincidence that Borg cubes start invading the Alpha Quadrant a few months after the destruction of the Frankenstein?
It might be mere coincidence … or maybe it was — wait for it…

… Destiny!

Sorry, couldn't resist.
[Gene Wilder] Destiny - ! Destiny - ! No escaping, that's for me! [/Gene Wilder]
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