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Re: Dollhouse in Trouble?

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And a man who a world wide loyal fansbase who wear shirts saying "Whedon Is My Master Now" can't generate revenue?
Using that logic, "Serenity" shouldn't have tanked. But it did, big time.
To be completely accurate, it didn't make the studio reams of money. It didn't actually lose the studio much money, probably none after DVD sales are counted. But that ain't sexy in the movie biz.

The fanbase can't generate enough revenue to pay Fox's bills. Advertising revenue can... that's what show "business" means.
Absolutely true, I think that's the lesson to take from Serenity: No core fanbase can be sufficient, you have to target the general audience.

Besides, nobody but Joss himself is going to take a bunch of people wearing "Whedon Is My Master Now" t-shirts seriously. Would you?
I don't think a minor joke poking fun at Star Wars Episode 3 is really intended to be taken seriously in the sense that you mean.
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