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Re: End of Shadow War = Lame

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But personally, I don't see how one can even begin to compare her with the likes of Robinson or others. But then, such is life that we don't always understand the people around us .
I was thinking the very same thing.

I grant that Mira wasn't quite adept at comic moments for the most part, yet there were several dramatic ones which I felt she nailed beautifully. We shouldn't concentrate on comparisons between her and Andy any more, since the topic here is the End of the Shadow War. Since the quality of acting is an art very much in the eye of the beholder, suffice it to say that we simply have to agree to disagree.

SO returning to the actual topic, the Shadows' malevolence didn't require getting to know them on such a personal level. It was very real and palpable to me, because of the way we understood their modus operandi. They used other people, other races to achieve their goals. The Vorlons did as well. That was central to the overall story. These shepherds for the younger races had no trouble getting someone else to do the dirty work for them until the time was right for more direct involvement. Hence why we had people like Morden, Justin and Anna. Seeing them and the way their lives were manipulated and torn apart by the Shadows agenda was more than enough cause to be frightened by a race with such disregard for other lives. We see their evil through the way they turned Londo and the entire Centauri race into agents of that evil. THAT was the face of the Shadows. THAT is what personalized them if such was needed.

This was a very different kind of villain from what Trek spoon-fed us. It was a villainy that wasn't quite so easy to define. And when the Vorlons, previously thought to be mroe or less "good guys" turned out to be not so good after all, that jsut kicks the legs out of it altogether
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