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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I want Nigel Clough who unlike CC has earn't his way through managment taking Burton up several leagues and was denied in the playoffs last season in the Conference.
Hands off. Eventually, when he's finished cutting his teeth in the lower leagues, Clough jr. will be returning to the family's spiritual home.

One of the reasons that I love the East Midlands derby, despite a fierce rivalry between the two clubs, at the heart of it all, there's a deep respect between the two clubs and their fans, largely down to one man, Brian Clough. He did more for East Midlands football than anyone else ever will.

You have to feel sorry for Leicester fans, he firmly planted Derby and Forest on the footballing map, establishing them as the pinnacle of East Midlands football. Leicester, have never been, and never will be, a major force in the East Midlands.

Re Barazite, a very useful player. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't start tomorrow night at Swansea. Think we've got him until Christmas, hopefully we'll be able to extend that until the end of the season.

Re Earnshaw, I never really thought that we got the best out of him TBH. I thought that he'd bang in a load of goals this season. Just keep him off the pop and out of the bookies and you'll be alright.....
Question is; if you were Nigel Clough would you really want the pressure that would come with managing either Derby of forest? However good a manager he is/becomes he isn't likely to be able to replicate anything near the successes his father achieved with clubs our size. Leicester's only hope of getting on the footballing map would have been to hang onto Martin O'Neil. As for Earnshaw, yeah I feel he should have got more of a try last season. Dunno what his problem is (heard many different rumours) but for Billy D, Paul Jewell and Toshack to all basically ignore him must mean something. He will score goals at championship level though- so I expect he'll score against us come November (luckily Commons' hat trick will more than compensate )
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