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Re: Queen + Paul Rodgers: Cosmos Rocks

I used to be a huge Queen fan, and I still love their music. I'll say I was never very excited about Queen + Paul Rodgers but "C-Lebrity" got me curious about this album. The song isn't brilliant but it got my hopes up this would be a good rock album with strong Queen influence.

Well, unfortunately, it ain't. I listened in on all of the tracks and, really, all I could think was: "What were they thinking?" I feel the album is just totally lifeless and uninspired. There is none (and I mean NONE) of those elements that made Queen so special and interesting. It made me wonder if Brian and Rodger have become frightened to write songs the way they used to. Songs that were lively, lush and powerful.

Sadly, this is not an album for me. I'm happy if/that others enjoy it but it's not my cup of tea at all.

Well, at least it got me listening to some Queen again :-).

P.S.: I still keep wondering what would have happened had Queen continued with George Michael. What he did at the Freddie Mercury tribute was amazing, think. Looking at his career since then, I think he could have done far better with Queen. And looking at where Queen is now, I feel they might have done better as well.
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