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Re: Grade 5x08 - "The Queen"

I gave this one an excellent, enjoyed it much more than last week and was pleasently surprised by Rachel's performance.

I'm finding Ronan a little annoying at the moment, he does that to me on occasion. Why does he always pull his gun out on people in the worst possible situations. If I was John I'd be having a right go, he's going to get them killed one day by doing that

I liked the twist when Todd killed the Queen, his true motives are left fairly ambiguous at the moment and the final scene between himself and Teyla was very good. He wasn't expecting that.

Rachel was really good in this episode. I like Teyla well enough but Rachel never usually has the chance to shine in episodes, she was excellent when portraying the Wraith queen.

No Woolsey this week unfortunately, I'm missing my Robert Picardo fix (love that man). I hope he's back next week.

Pretty good episode overall
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