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Re: Dollhouse in Trouble?

You do recall America used to have random platoons just march into dissipating mushroom cloud fallout to see y'know, what exactly would happen?

Every government is a dick.

The Roman Emperors when they died hoped the senate would elect to deify them as a reward fro excellent service, the best Mr Bush could hope for one would think is that he be given his own holiday. Despite the fact that he is the worst American president in living memory, I wouldn't mind celebrating "Bush Day" in some according manner, although some would claim that the combination of Washington and Lincoln's subsequent Birthdays into a single Presidents day should be enough for every president past present and future no matter how power mad and needy he or she may get.

I assumed that this show would be on par with La Femme Nikita. "Good Job, but I'll most likely kill you in the morning." sort of a last chance to prisoners commuting albeit temporarily a death sentence.


Now that's just Yucky.

then again in an old origin comic for Captain America there were some faliures before Steve's super soldier formula took. I beleive the statement "Every muscle in his body will explode" was used... And these dolls are lucky in my mind that they weren't sent off to a cosmetics company for product testign now that we're almost too moral to test on animals.

Oh, give Cliff Richards a job for the credits already.

Or better yet, Clifff Richards and the Young Ones!
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