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Re: Dollhouse in Trouble?

joss' shows always have this much trouble starting (except for angel, because of buffy). all of his shows have had problems being sold to network execs and audience. i only know of buffy being able to launch and stay on air despite having trouble starting. i say he should have gone to cw where they are more desperate to get tentpole shows especially with smallville going bye bye after this season.

but yes, even though people are saying the show is not in trouble, it's not exactly on solid ground. people finding his original concept and vision "confusing" and having to redo a pilot, even if it was his idea, means that the network has already put it on yellow alert probably. fox has a long history of dumping shows that don't work right out of the gate. he should have shopped this around as a syndication, but i think eliza has a contract with fox so if the show would involve her it has to involve fox. joss is a bit trapped.

as for the concept, i think the "voluntary" part did not include full disclosure. that's probably like volunteering for military duty and not knowing that you're on a suicide mission. yes, no one would volunteer for that. some may, to escape whatever is troubling them in their lives. i bet some chars will have shady pasts that they wanted to forget and what better way to do it and earn cash (if they are earning)? isn't the concept of the show that she's slowly gaining her memories back and retaining info so she'll probably be on a mission to take the organization down.
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