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Re: Kurtzman And Orci Say 'Star Trek XI' Most Like 'The Wrath of Khan'

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Man, the studio people say this about every movie... It's almost a given that there will be a "like TWOK" slug line somewhere in the press.
Sigh, apparently so. Actually the warning lights came on when I heard this comparison. And definitely because of how NEM was hyped as 'like TWoK' - and yes it did rip off some elements. But it was such a pale imitation...

Frankly they should get past the 'ol Berman-esque 'like TWoK' stuff. It's a cliche, indeed, and why does every next Trek film have to try (and fail) to be 'the next TWoK'?? Why not be the First of ...whatever new film it was.

In some ways, the whole 'make another "First Contact"' is an example...rather than trying to recreate the spirit of a film, create a whole new one that stands on its own merits, and becomes one that others try to copy again.
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