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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

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Do the three main crews interact at all? The reason I ask is because so far, in all the excerpt we've read, they're each in seperate parts of the galaxy dealing with (apparently) different issues. Now I know there is plenty of time for them to get together, and that's why I wasn't just assuming they are spending the whole series apart.
As I've explained in a recent interview, the crews and ships start out on different narrative lines, and those narrative paths converge as the trilogy progresses.

For most of book one, each crew faces its own adventure. Two of the three crews will link up by the end of book one, and by the end of book two/start of book three, all three principal crews will be in the same place, working together. And all of the various storylines, in the 22nd, 24th, and other centuries all mesh narratively by the time the trilogy reaches its conclusion.

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For the Destiny Trilogy, would it be a good idea to read the Voyager Relaunch books first?
It's not strictly necessary, though some of the continuity references will feel more familiar if you do. You should be just fine if you simply want to jump into the trilogy.
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