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Re: HEROES - Season 1

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I never did finish season one during its run. At the halfway point I never returned for reasons I don't recall. I'm sure my schedule had something to do with it.

I recall enjoying it and a friend just got it on DVD. I borrowed it and watched all the episodes in about a 10 day span.

I feel like having now seen all of season one that it was rather anti-climatic. As I watched and enjoyed each episode as a journey to the end that had been foretold I was sad to actually get to the end. When you know how it ends and rather specifically how many episodes before it happens a sense of non-anticipation developed for me.

I was more curious about things they didn't show us. Syler's acquisition of telekensis or his Iceman like ability.

Its not that I feel the show was over hyped but I do feel that despite being well told it was quite anti-climatic. Anyone else feel this when they saw it either in broadcast or DVD?

I'm going to borrow Season 2, see I'm not dettered, but I hope that the same story structure does not play out. I'd rather not know how the end happens this time.
I've never seen the show on live TV. I've seen both of the first two seasons on DVD, however, and I did space them out a bit more than you did.

Rushing through watching ANYTHING has the effect you're talking about. It's much more fun to see it, and actually sort of "digest" it for a while before moving on to the next part.

The same thing came up in some of the recent "Watchmen" threads. I always tell people that if they're going to read it, the way to do it is to read each chapter alone... then reread it at least once, trying to catch little details you missed the first time (there are a LOT of those)... and don't read the next chapter for at LEAST a few days.

"Heroes" isn't as deep or involved as Watchmen, but it clearly is meant to be in the same sort of vein.

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The second season how ever was not so good. Did they get different writers? The quality just seemed to drop big time. I can see why they decided to take a break after the writers strike.
Nope, it seemed like the same writers were rehashing the same plot points from season 1.
If you watch the DVD set for S2, you'll find out that they had a much deeper and more involved story that they planned to tell. Without going into too much "spoiler" stuff here, suffice it to say that the "virus" was going to NOT be stopped. But because of the writer's strike, they had to truncate the season and they changed that so that they could at least get a partial season in place.

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