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Re: HEROES - Season 1

Heroes Season 1 is one of the best 1st seasons i ever saw.. maybe on par with Galactica season 1.

It's got so many WTF and WOW! moments like Ninja Hiro from the future.. (awesome ) or the Noah Bennet centered "Company Man" episode which in a mere 42 minute turned a character i was a best ambiguous about (and at times despised) into one of my favorites.

All the little things in season 1 that built the mystery, expanded it a tiny fraction at a time, building to a huge climax (glimpsed at in the future episode where Sylar and Peter duke it out behind a closed door)..

only to fail so miserably in the season finale.

I've never felt such a huge letdown.. i understand that sometimes the creators of the show don't choose the obvious way to resolve a situation, i.e. a huge, special effects laden fight between Peter and Sylar but what they chose felt so utterly flat and unworthy that i really felt pissed off for the summer.

That's how i felt and feel about season 1.. season 2 is still too fresh to talk about it in depth but suffice to say that my interest in Heroes after season 2 has greatly diminished. It will take a herculean effort by the writers and producers to re-ignite my interest and elevate it to "drop everything right here and now and watch the newest episode".
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