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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

Trys and Konya - She's a mouthy, energetic neurotic whose brain appears to be overactive to the point of bursting out of her skull. He's a bit calmer, quieter and centred. They seem too opposite to me to work. I could see her finding him a bit dull.

Choudhury - I agree with much of what you've said there, my fear with her is that would be that her desire not to shoot has the potential to cause her to be hestiant at the wrong time.

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There did seem to be a undercurrent of mother/child abandonment. Mothers either left their children (Kadohata, Guinan, Rebekah, Captain La Forge) or got left by them (Crusher, Antigone Chen). In fact no one in the book seemed to have a relationship with their mother/child that was heathly, which in a book about family seems a little strange.
Never thought of it that way, and it seems an odd way of looking at it. Neither Rebekah nor Silva La Forge "left" their children (at least not the first time in Rebekah's case), and Kadohata hasn't left hers, she just spends a lot of time away from them. And Guinan's many children probably grew up and went off on their own rather than being "left" by her. So I think this is reaching to find a pattern.
But will Kadohatas children see it in the same way? If she spends a large amount of time away, how is that any different from actually leaving. Shes still not there.

Yeah, I was reaching a bit. However for whatever reason the mothers and the children weren't in contact (Kadohata excepted) and all of them were apart and in all cases it seemed to be causing upset or hurt. It would have been nice to see one mother/child relationship that was still strong and ongoing.
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