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Re: Dollhouse in Trouble?

Several things:

1) IO9 conveniently forgets that it was Joss's idea to shoot a new pilot, not the network's (they expressed some concerns - which is normal - and Joss's response to those concerns was to come up with a way to introduce the show that was different from what he'd originally come up with [notice I said 'different from', not 'better than']).

2) The people who are now in charge of FOX have already more than demonstrated their faith in the project. If there ARE people at the network who have concerns about the series, they're not the people whose opinions MATTER.

3) E! Online's Kristen talked to the actors from DH, and they echoed what the main FOX execs have been saying all along about the shutdown.

4) If the series were 'in trouble', The Joss would be the FIRST to let us know; since he hasn't released any statements contradicting what the FOX execs have said about the shutdown, it's safe to say that there's nothing 'untoward' going on; the shutdown is exactly what it appears to be, and is NOT an indication that the FOX execs have changed their minds about DH and its premise.
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