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Re: Humor on nuBSG

Some of her lines are really great and very funny, I agree. You've quoted some very good examples, I think.

Here's another Baltar one which I think is fantastic and really, really black, when you get right down to it. I'm referring to the scene in the Mini where Helo and Sharon are taking aboard civilians. There's a draw, and an old lady next to Baltar can't read her number.
She asks Baltar to read it out and you can just plain SEE the thought that's crossing his mind at that very moment: Tell her she ain't one of the lucky ones, exchange tickets and go aboard himself.
Helo lets him off the hook, in the end, and gets him saved as well. It's hilarious to watch Baltar here, I think, and fun to wonder whether he'd really have lied to the old lady and saved himself had he needed to. It's very likely he would have, I dare say...
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