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Re: HEROES - Season 1

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The scene where Matt discovers Molly implies that Sylar got the freezing power from one of her parents, iirc.
Good point. I had forgotten but Molly's dad was frozen sitting in that chair. Perhaps that was done by Sylar after absorbing the ability.

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I liked the finale - but I didn't expect the Mother of All Battles between Peter and Sylar right then. I understand it's just the first round of many.
I expected more than what we got. After being told about it, shown it on canvas I wanted more than what we got.

Unlike other fare, prior mentioned Iron Man, or other things where its a foregone conclusion the good guy wins(McClane, Indy, Bond, Batman) you are not specifically told how they win or in what manner. Which makes the journey to that point more exciting.

With HEROES s1 you're told both. How it ends(stopping Sylar) and then how he's stopped(run through by Hiro w/a sword) several episodes prior. Which makes only the journey fun and the ending anti-climatic. Whereas the prior examples have typically both. A satisfying journey to the end and more times than not a good conclusion.

I'll be starting HEROES s2 in a few days time. My friends brother was in a wreck over the weekend and she had to get to Atlanta and she has 4eps left to view before I can get it.

I look forward to seeing how Sylar survives since he hasn't acquired the ability to heal. At least I think I do many think S2 is a let down and that has been expressed here as well already. My friend likes it so far though. Maybe the compressed viewing makes it more enjoyable.
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