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Re: Sanctuary Coming To SciFi....WTF?!?!?

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Just saw a banner ad here(yeah, tell your clients they DO work!)that "Sanctuary" was coming to SciFi in October.

They said this would be a thirteen part series. Does this mean more episodes were filmed? They said something about production had begun in April this year - does that mean they juiced it up with more footage and with better effects?

Does anybody know any more about this?
They are essentially remaking the series for television. They won't be running the original 15min online episodes as NBC tried with the online show Quarterlife during the Writer's strike. I read recently (think it was last week) that the 1st episode will delve more into Helen Magnus' backstory, which was kept mostly under wraps during the course of the online segments.
I can't recall the site where I read that..I'll try sifting thru the browser's history to see if I can find that page for you.
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