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Re: True Blood 1x2 - "The First Taste"

I'm a little iffy on this show. Love Lafayette, Sam's cute, Bill has a ton of sex appeal. I even like Tara. But Anna Paquin is just... weird. Sookie's got no center. She's a mooney-eyed little girl in one scene, a mouthy backwoods redneck in the next, a prude who wears itty-bitty skirts and poses like she's in a fashion shoot any time she stops walking. Granted she's had some awful exposition scenes to get through, but still, I think she's lacking some gravity and she needs to find it.

Still the world is coming along - though I wish the actual show had more of the sensibility of the opening credits. Can't say I cared for the hissing vamps at the end - that just seemed cheesy. The overall plot is pretty good, so I'll be sticking around. Probably going to pick up some more of the books soon.
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