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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

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Obviously, the books are being heavily promoted as being a crossover between multiple crews, the most greatly advertised of which seems to be the DS9, TNG, and Titan crews. However, it's also been mentioned that it will affect the Voyager storyline as well (maybe even New Frontier and Klingon Empire?).
Destiny will offer some hints at the upcoming direction of the Voyager books, but the real revelations for that series will come in Kirsten Beyer's truly epic Full Circle.

Elemental wrote:
Even the covers show captains from these 3 series. Does this mean that these three crews/series will be more heavily featured than Voyager?
Yes. The Voyager and/or its crew have some important cameo appearances in all three books, and veterans of the Voyager TV series feature in all three books (e.g., Tuvok on Titan, Seven on Earth, etc.) However, they are not this story's featured players.

Elemental wrote:
Will there be any effect on upcoming Enterprise novels?
Not particularly, but the events of Destiny's 22nd-century storyline will preclude some story possibilities in that line.

Elemental wrote:
Also (and I apologize if this has been asked before), will Destiny effect upcoming DS9 novels at all since the story seems to take place a few years ahead of where the relaunch novels are currently at?
No. Great care was taken not to spoil the upcoming story of the DS9 post-finale novels. Obviously, the presence of some characters in the Destiny trilogy will make it clear that they're unlikely to die in an upcoming DS9 novel, but death isn't the only dramatic consequence that can befall a character....

Elemental wrote:
Will some novel series be more effected than others?

Elemental wrote:
Will any be entirely uneffected?
New Frontier is unlikely to have any of its ongoing storylines affected by the trilogy. Future books in that series are unlikely to acknowledge the continuity of the trilogy. But then, I might be wrong about this. One never really knows what Peter will do...

Elemental wrote:
Thanks and I'm looking forward to the read!
My pleasure. Hope you enjoy it!
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