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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

^Oh that makes me laugh. Have to say I've never bought the 'best fans in England' lie. I still recall Newc getting crowds of 8000 when they were in the Championship/div1/div2 whatever you want to call it! They just seem to think they have a god given right to win something (even more so than most fans) Be interesting to see what Newcastle fans would be like if team did a Leeds. Would they still turn up in their tens of thousands like Man City fans did when they were down there?

I don't mean to denigrate Newcastle fans, but there is no reason that the team has to be successful and has to win things, and until they stop

1/ getting rid of every manager after a season.
2/ Worshipping Kevin Keegan as some kind of footballing genius
3/ Expect the team to instantly become brilliant and win every game 4-3

Then they won't ever do any good. Jeez you just know even if Wenger or Ferguson went there they'd end up sacked after a season!

Ah well, now Derby have finally won a league game again (yay) hopefully the media will leave us alone and just concentrate on Newcastle as the biggest joke club!
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