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Re: True Blood 1x2 - "The First Taste"

I loved it again. Nice to see Jane show up. I don't like her at all, she is exactly as I pictured from the books, completely clueless drunken moron.

Tara is much better in this episode, and Rene sticking up for Sook in the bar was pretty much made of awesome.

I cannot stand Arlene, and I think it's just going to get worse.

As for Jason ... He's no-good, and lives only to focus on one thing, his own sexual release. The world is his bedroom. Way too early to talk about the reasons behind that just yet. He's hot, no denying that, but he needs to keep his mouth SHUT.

Loved the cliffhanger ending, can't wait for next week. Seems like I recall somewhere Alan B saying every episode would end with a cliffhanger. Figures. lol

As for your #3 above, the dog and Sam ... well, who knows? lol

Edited to add ... Nice to see John Billingsley playing a human again. He's playing Mike Spencer, and that means we'll be seeing plenty of him through the season. Bwahahaha.
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