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Re: HEROES - Season 1

My brother let me borrow season one and two.

I had seen some episodes during season one but I couldn't get into it. My roommate at the time would record and watch them. He tried to get me into it but at that time, they where half way into the season and it's hard to get into a show like Heroes half way through.

Now after watching the show from the beginning, I can see why it was so popular. The last episode was anti-climatic but the rest of the season was good so that made up for it for me. The writing was good, actors great, the plot was very interesting. It seems like maybe it was anti-climatic because they are trying to save some of the best stuff for later on. I don't know maybe thatís not true or a sorry excuse.

The second season how ever was not so good. Did they get different writers? The quality just seemed to drop big time. I can see why they decided to take a break after the writers strike.
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