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Re: HEROES - Season 1

We did see how he acquired the was the first special that he killed, as depicted in the flashback episode "Six Months Ago", after he stole the person's information from Chandra Suresh. The freezing power we never saw the origins of, but he'd already garnered FBI attention by the beginning of the series, so he'd clearly been busy in the intervening six months.

I think most of us were somewhat disappointed by the actual season finale, after the excellent build-up. I think it particularly suffered from coming right on the heels of two of the season's strongest episodes, "Five Years Gone" and "The Hard Part". It was because of this disappointment that the creators switched to the idea of doing two "volumes" per season, ostensibly so that the lesser amount of build-up would result in less disappointment at the climactic episodes of the volumes. The second volume of Season 2 was aborted due to the writers' strike...and reportedly would have been more of what viewers found disappointing about the first volume of Season 2.

None of which should deter you from continuing. They've shown the Season 3 premiere at a convention, and it was really well-received. The creators have stumbled a bit, but they are trying to give the viewers more of what they loved about Season 1.
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