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Wolverine and the X-Men episode 2 *spoilers*

Logan and Hank's bid to restart the X_Men gets off to a slow start; Angel turns them down, not wanting to get cut off by his dad, which would end his attempts to use said money to help mutants; Cyclops blows Logan out of his apartment; Colossus doesn't want to leave his family again; Rogue likewise turns them down, and she ends up recruited by the Brotherhood; they eventually track down Iceman and Shadowcat, who are both very enthusiastic, then get tricked by the Brotherhood (via Rogue) into storming Senator Kelly's press conference, which gets them branded as criminals, and the Registration Act passes.

Anyone who's seen the promo reel understands the general outline of events here, but, hey, that's what you get when you read/watch spoilers.

The scene with the unveiling of the proto_Sentinel (which looked remarkably like one of the Spider_Slayers from the 90s Spider_Man series) seemed like a Robocop reference. Angel got a decent rescue moment, though not even the show's opening credits can pretend he has much offensive capability; his character is in an interesting spot, though given that he's in the opening credits I imagine we're eventually going to get a moment where he tells dad to go to hell and goes public.

Given the huge roster of X_Men in comics, it feels somewhat odd to see this series have Logan and Hank's rolodex of potential allies apparently so small, though they do a decent job of reintroducing everybody. Iceman finally gets on the main cast of an X_Men series, as a teenager, which I think makes sense, since his jokester persona works well at that age.

Cyclops, meanwhile, is being an angsty loser, but this is well in keeping with what he does in the comics whenever Jean vanishes for a while; he left the team post_"Dark Phoenix", and he was going to post_"Planet X" until Jean made him love Emma instead.

Semi_different Brotherhood incarnation; Avalanche, the Blob, and Toad, but no Pyro, plus Quicksilver (so do these guys report to Big M, 'cause I would think that a foreign head of state's son running a domestic terrorist group would be a potential PR problem?) and Domino. Toad has an ickier redesign, but he's still lame (though that's kind of the point these days). On the subject of Avalanche, where is he in the comics these days? You always see him in adaptations but I've not seen him once in the 4+ years I've been reading X_Men comics.

The Brotherhood's setup of the group makes plenty of sense, since, from their perspective, the sooner the X_Men see things their way, the better everyone will be. That's what I like about the whole mutant dynamic, when done well. It's not just "muahahaha" stuff like it is with most such setups.
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