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HEROES - Season 1

I never did finish season one during its run. At the halfway point I never returned for reasons I don't recall. I'm sure my schedule had something to do with it.

I recall enjoying it and a friend just got it on DVD. I borrowed it and watched all the episodes in about a 10 day span.

I feel like having now seen all of season one that it was rather anti-climatic. As I watched and enjoyed each episode as a journey to the end that had been foretold I was sad to actually get to the end. When you know how it ends and rather specifically how many episodes before it happens a sense of non-anticipation developed for me.

I was more curious about things they didn't show us. Syler's acquisition of telekensis or his Iceman like ability.

Its not that I feel the show was over hyped but I do feel that despite being well told it was quite anti-climatic. Anyone else feel this when they saw it either in broadcast or DVD?

I'm going to borrow Season 2, see I'm not dettered, but I hope that the same story structure does not play out. I'd rather not know how the end happens this time.
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