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Re: Crossover romances

The Heroes and Lost casts would mesh well. Not necessarily romatically, I'd just like to see them interact.

I also would be rather intrigued to see how Dexter Morgan and Kara Thrace get along on a date. Frakkin' headcase Olympics!

For Debra Morgan, I'd pair her up with Trip Tucker. They seem perfect for each other!

John Crichton could use a stable, smart woman. Dana Scully's the one for him. Plus, he can kick Mulder's ass if he complains.
Crossover romance is one thing. I often wonder about crossover logic.
One of my favorite ideas is for Heroes to exist in the X-Files universe...when Mohinder called the FBI, I wanted Mulder to pick up the phone.

But Doctor Strange's magical milieu is too Lovecraftian to fit comfortably in the Harry Potter universe.

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