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Re: Grade 5x08 - "The Queen"

But once again, the Atlanteans have their heads up their butts with another half-assed plan. Let's say their experiment with Todd's guys works to some degree - the Wraith can eat food but are still capable of feeding on humans (either for fun or because it confers immortality and healing power). Now they are more formidable foes - they can endure periods of "famine" without humans so, their breeding now unconstrained by nature, their population can explode. If they are still capable of feeding on humans, they could be more of a threat as a result, by sheer numbers, even if they don't need to feed on humans. Their need to feed on humans is a good thing - keeps their population in check.
If like Michael their ability to feed is removed they're no longer a threat and it's thanks to Michael that the Hoffin drug was perfected in a way.
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