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Queen + Paul Rodgers: Cosmos Rocks

I've just listened to the new "Queen" album.
Well... I like Queen (not a die-hard fan), certainly can't stand their pop-hits. Hammer to Fall, Bohemian Rhapsody, Don't Stop Me Now. Those are the best songs.
I like Paul Rodgers. Wishing Well, All Right Now, Bad Company are awesome songs.
Don't expect Freddie Mercury revival from Cosmos Rocks and you wont be disappointed.

Few not-good-not-bad rock ballads, a few hard rock pieces (Cosmos Rockin, Still Burning and C-lebrity are the highpoints) with the same Paul Rodgers energy as it was in the 70s, fused with the wonderful Brian May guitar. It's not the Queen of the 80s, but it's good nonetheless. Interesting to mention, that the only "slow" number I like is Say it's not True from Roger Taylor (and it's the most Queen sounding of them all), so Paul Rodgers is not very good in that department.
7/10, will listen to it for a while, then keep one or two songs for a playlist and leave the rest to dust...

What do you think?
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