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Various Sketches, Ideas, Etc.

Here is basically everything "Art-y" I've done that isn't rubbish (and survived various computer issues)

Swooshy little sketch for a 2380-2340ish starship

Cargo shuttle

Quick and dirty sketch for the hero ship of an RPG I'm part of.

Kitbash for the sake of a kitbash. Probably a long-term patrol ship or destroyer. That, or another disappeared ship . About 2280ish.

Early 25th century design sketch. Uses some elements from the fake Dauntless.

Lost-era ship design. An explorer design dropped in favour of the Ambassador.

Juxtaposition of the Conestoga and a warp ring, with seperate bussard pod.

24th Century freight ship, like that FJ design I always forget the name of.

Retro-spaceplane, and

-alternate livery

My try at an early Klingon warship

'nother Starfleet sketch

Anduril Class Runabout, one of my favorites. The Danube image is not mine, and is just for comparison.

Say hello to my little friend.

My sole attempt at using SketchUp. Quite good for my second attempt to build something. Unfortunatley, it went to the place where deleted data goes when the hard drive got toasted on my old lappy.

Came up with a set idea for a fan film project, which oddly evaporated quite some time ago.
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