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Re: Grade 5x08 - "The Queen"

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Hmmmm......above average, but barely.

I just wish that Teyla was a bit more of....well, a bitch while playing the uber-Queen, you know? Like when that bald Wraith welcomed her & Todd onto the hive, I was half-expecting her to say something like "This is the welcome you provide for me? This!!? I should feed on you for this insult! Take me to your Queen, while you still can!"

I was also surprised that she wasn't forced into a situation where she was expected to feed on John and Co. in front of the other Wraith. That would have been interesting, and would have provided more tension that the scence we got where Todd killed Mr. Bald Wraith.
The one aspect of this story that was disappointing for me is realizing how weak tptb have made Teyla. Early on, she was shown as far more than capable of taking on Wraith with just a pair of sticks. Now she's Damsel in Distress Girl(tm), waiting for the John or in this instance Todd, to swoop in and her rescue. We should've seen Todd heading to the room, only to witness bald guy's attacking her, but her stomping his green arse into the floor.

Aside from that, this was a solid outing, tying The Daedalus Variations as best of the season thus far. Chris Heyderhall seriously rocks. I wish Halling had been given more to do than run after his son.
And what has Jinto been up to? He should be a teenager now. Just in time for some Stargate 90210 shenanigans for te 3rd series. .
There were no sticks handy for one thing. And yeah she was able beat that wraith early on she still didn't beat him or kill him in reality without a gun she's pretty useless against a wraith. And in any event she wasn't supposed to be in that situation Todd had his own plan, originally she was only supposed to appear on a screen and convince the other queen who she was, but of course Todd had another idea.
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