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Re: Secret Invasion #6 - SPOILERS

Pensive said

Nick Fury had the best line in that whole thing.
You mean the guy that ALLOWED this invasion to happen?

He could have routed it quietlike before the beachhead became apparant, for fucks sake he can unveil disguised Skrulls and probably has been able to do so for months and months and months which means he was totally playing Skrull-Queen-Spider-Woman off against the Avengers, Hydra and the other Skrulls because he pushed her where he needed her to be to make the most noise so that when he showed up at the last minute to save the day, he would be the returning king or the secondly comming saviour, so that when the dust settled shield and sword and the initiaitive and Hydra and the bad guys would all be in tatters and government would be shitting itself so that Fury could write his own check and no one was going to fuck with him again the next time he attacked Latveria on a whim just because it's a Bush propped puppet who'd jumped her leash. They fucked him and this is how he fucked back.

He Hank Pymed them, and every last one of you too.

Yeah that's right, the guy that built the crazy robot to attack the avengers so that he could save them during a hearing for his misconduct unbecoming an Avenger. He also Watchmened you and he Incredikidded you and he TAOed you... Hell if this is how he makes friends and influences people I might start to wonder what other terrorist acts on American soil Nick Fury has orchestrated or allowed to increase his budget and scope?

Do the ends really justify the means?
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