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Re: Secret Invasion #6 - SPOILERS

"...And the Hammer is my Penis"?

Ares maybe, but Herclues is off on a quest into the metaphysical plane to kill the skrull gods before the human gods lose their few remaining worshippers and fade away. It's really quite good.

A lieutenant talked about scrubbing San Fransisco off the planets face because of the mutant infestation in the SI: X-Men limited series, but as already mentioned, it's not part of the plan. of course their plan to win is one thing, and their contingencies for a safe retreat is a completely different gambit. Napoleon lost 550,000 troops trying to get the hell out of Russia after the Russians sacked and razed Moscow themselves leaving the French with no food or relief when they got to where they were going thinking they didn't have to pack their own lunches.

We already know about Jan. FauxHank recently gave her growing powers to the point that she's a Giant Woman when she wants to be. Now if she doesn't outright explode in a confined space, imagine what happens to every one else packed into a quinjet/skrull scout ship already like sardines when she grows 800 sizes crushing and smothering everyone else in proximity?
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