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Re: Grade 5x08 - "The Queen"

The one aspect of this story that was disappointing for me is realizing how weak tptb have made Teyla. Early on, she was shown as far more than capable of taking on Wraith with just a pair of sticks. Now she's Damsel in Distress Girl(tm), waiting for the John or in this instance Todd, to swoop in and her rescue. We should've seen Todd heading to the room, only to witness bald guy's attacking her, but her stomping his green arse into the floor.
Exactly! They would have done better to have an action sequence where Teyla takes on the bald Wraith and his pike with her little knife and then, as Todd runs to her rescue, she kills the Bald guy and hisses over him like a real Queen. That would have left the audience wondering if she had actually turned into a real one...but nooo, we got Queen in Distress.
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